Naas Golf Club Local Rules

Summary of Local Rules

1) Out of Bounds (18.2a2)
a) Outside any fence bounding the course and all areas defined by white stakes.
b) In or over the boundary fence on left of 2nd hole and right of 11th hole.
c) 18th hole - on the right, over a line defined by white stakes between the 12th and 18th holes and ending at line defined by last stake and white stake at the back of men's 13th teeing area.

2) Electricity/Telephone poles and wires.
If a ball strikes electricity pole or wires within the boundary of the course, the stroke is cancelled and the player must play a ball as near as possible at the spot where the original ball was played (without penalty) in accordance with Rule 14.6. If from the teeing area a tee may be used. A substitute ball should be played.

  3)  Immovable Obstructions (16.1)
        Electricity poles, winter tees, fixed seats, manhole covers, sprinkler heads, 
        fixed signs, tee markers, fixed distance markers, roads, all paths and their 
        sides, wooden sleepers, bridges, staked trees, steps to teeing areas, 
        artificial hole plugs. White stakes defining out of bounds on the 18th hole 
        when not playing the 18th hole.

4) Integral parts of the course.
Woodland and maintenance facility on the left hand side of the 1st, 11th and 18th holes and storage shed area on left of 13 th hole are integral parts of the course.
All spinneys, shrubberies and flower beds are integral parts of the course unless marked other wise.
Practice area on right of 12 th fairway defined by blue stakes. This defined area may be used for practice prior to stroke play competitions.
Practice putting green (Rule 13.1f)

5) Abnormal Course Conditions (16.1b)
Drainage slits and channels which contain visible drainage stones and /or ball is below level of ground. Resodded and/or reseeded drains